ISO 9001 Quality Management System


    The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), based in Switzerland, works to promote sustainable business growth, through proven quality standards.

    Over the years they have created more than 22,000 Industrial Standards. By far the most successful and most widely recognized standard is ISO 9001, a Quality Management System used in all industries, small and large.

    Worldwide more than 1 million companies are using this standard.


    The spotlight is on the quality of your company’s processes. Optimizing each department, improving cooperation and communication between them as well as with suppliers and clients. ISO is part of your vital customer satisfaction and retention strategy. Instead of a pipe-dream of “instant perfection”, ISO 9001 works at “continuous improvement”.

    Progress is monitored and measured in Rand/cents – whether a reduction in losses/wastage or an increase in net profit.


    In view of management’s demanding schedule, ISOLOGIC has developed a streamlined method to keep ISO implementation minimally invasive.

    How? We implement the system for you, we write all the necessary manuals and then we train all relevant staff (Managers/Supervisors) how to use it.

    While Top Management is needed in only two sessions the majority of the Implementation work is done with the person you appoint as your Management System Coordinator (MSC). Employing extra staff is not required – an existing, responsible staff member can easily handle the MSC’s tasks.

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